Brief little ride



I see the world change,

Even in a short range,

On my brief little ride,

It’s here I decide,

I love living life on the move,

To see it change as I do,

I get to see the trees grow,

Through the rain and the snow,

I see so many faces,

All enjoying the view.

So many new places,

And beautifully old too.

Why stay in one place

When my life can be a race

Journey after journey

Toward another adventure

I’ll watch the world change

On this brief little ride

I can’t help but be inspired

To travel world wide.

Percy Benson


                                                   Adventure Awaits . . .                           







                                              Adventure Awaits . . .

                                           Smiles   Giggles   People

                                               Clickety  Clack  Train


                                                                             Cindy 2/7/13



Onward,  Onward The whistle blows, long and clear,

Onward,  Onward

The whistle blows, long and clear,
The haunting sound that says  we’re near

Onward,  onward, passing by
A land so vast that meets the sky,

With secrets many, hidden  away.
Not ours to view , no not today

We travel through, a passing  guest
We’re on a journey, a special quest

To experience the beauty of a wilderness free,
Not owned by man, not you or me.

A land we borrow, for a moment in time.
A land so free, a land sublime.

And so we travel along our way,
Taking the happiness of the day

As the whistle blows, so long and clear,
The haunting sound that says We’re near.

Denise Tugwell, UK