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                Via Heartland


Following the path

your tracks lay down

I feel the spirit of those

who laboured to pin the rails

Upon the ties which

the earth binds so firmly;

Hoping for the future

of the engine which may

Pull the two solitudes

to lasting unity

And guide our passage course

to a land where peace sustains

Trains of thought stirred

by the thrumming beat of

wheels passing over

this glorious land of my birth.

Wayne , December 2012

for the crew of Via

December 21-23, 2012 




Spirit Bear

It is just a black bear
But he is white
He is special
But he is different
He is strong
He is calm
He is a good fisher
The most efficient
But he is not pretentious
He doesn’t tell everybody,
His soul is protected by the Elders

There are a lot of things
He doesn’t tell us
Like why is he white?
He seems like he
Doesn’t like people
But it’s not true

He has a pure heart
Needs to be kept far
From this crazy world
If you see him one day
It’s not because you are lucky
It’s because you have been chosen!

I hope one day
  I will meet
     This Kermode

                                  Claudie 5/7/13

Brief little ride



I see the world change,

Even in a short range,

On my brief little ride,

It’s here I decide,

I love living life on the move,

To see it change as I do,

I get to see the trees grow,

Through the rain and the snow,

I see so many faces,

All enjoying the view.

So many new places,

And beautifully old too.

Why stay in one place

When my life can be a race

Journey after journey

Toward another adventure

I’ll watch the world change

On this brief little ride

I can’t help but be inspired

To travel world wide.

Percy Benson