January works



With this trip Phil completed his bucket list.



And Alexa showed what life is like without Spell-check.



And Paige showed there is colour in the winter.


July works..mostly



                Via Heartland


Following the path

your tracks lay down

I feel the spirit of those

who laboured to pin the rails

Upon the ties which

the earth binds so firmly;

Hoping for the future

of the engine which may

Pull the two solitudes

to lasting unity

And guide our passage course

to a land where peace sustains

Trains of thought stirred

by the thrumming beat of

wheels passing over

this glorious land of my birth.

Wayne , December 2012

for the crew of Via

December 21-23, 2012 




Spirit Bear

It is just a black bear
But he is white
He is special
But he is different
He is strong
He is calm
He is a good fisher
The most efficient
But he is not pretentious
He doesn’t tell everybody,
His soul is protected by the Elders

There are a lot of things
He doesn’t tell us
Like why is he white?
He seems like he
Doesn’t like people
But it’s not true

He has a pure heart
Needs to be kept far
From this crazy world
If you see him one day
It’s not because you are lucky
It’s because you have been chosen!

I hope one day
  I will meet
     This Kermode

                                  Claudie 5/7/13

Brief little ride



I see the world change,

Even in a short range,

On my brief little ride,

It’s here I decide,

I love living life on the move,

To see it change as I do,

I get to see the trees grow,

Through the rain and the snow,

I see so many faces,

All enjoying the view.

So many new places,

And beautifully old too.

Why stay in one place

When my life can be a race

Journey after journey

Toward another adventure

I’ll watch the world change

On this brief little ride

I can’t help but be inspired

To travel world wide.

Percy Benson


                                                   Adventure Awaits . . .                           







                                              Adventure Awaits . . .

                                           Smiles   Giggles   People

                                               Clickety  Clack  Train


                                                                             Cindy 2/7/13



Onward,  Onward The whistle blows, long and clear,

Onward,  Onward

The whistle blows, long and clear,
The haunting sound that says  we’re near

Onward,  onward, passing by
A land so vast that meets the sky,

With secrets many, hidden  away.
Not ours to view , no not today

We travel through, a passing  guest
We’re on a journey, a special quest

To experience the beauty of a wilderness free,
Not owned by man, not you or me.

A land we borrow, for a moment in time.
A land so free, a land sublime.

And so we travel along our way,
Taking the happiness of the day

As the whistle blows, so long and clear,
The haunting sound that says We’re near.

Denise Tugwell, UK